The base image for the bfren ecosystem, containing Alpine Linux and various helper executables.

Source files (GitHub) Container images (Docker Hub)


Debian Slim is a cut-down distribution of Debian designed specifically for use in containers.

esh is a lightweight templating engine using POSIX-compatible syntax.


x.x and x.x.x refer to the bfren image versions.

Debian VersionTags

10 (buster)

debian10, debian10-x, debian10-x.x, debian10-x.x.x

11 (bullseye)

debian11, debian11-x, debian11-x.x, debian11-x.x.x

12 (bookworm)

debian12, debian12-x, debian12-x.x, debian12-x.x.x


debiansid, debiansid-x, debiansid-x.x, debiansid-x.x.x

In addition, you can add -dev and -beta suffixes to access development / test builds (see Docker Hub for further details).

Environment Variables, Packages, Cron & Templating

See Alpine.

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